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Benefits of journaling during pregnancy

Time spent using the journal is an analogue antidote to screen time. Dedicating time to yourself and growing baby through journaling is proven to help expectant mamas to enjoy a healthier pregnancy, a stronger bond with baby after brith, and prevent postpartum depression.

Pregnancy journaling helps expectant mamas to engage in a deep connection with their future motherhood role and their growing baby.

Mindfulness, or the ability to stay in the moment, has been linked through numerous studies to phychological and physical wellbeing. The result is less stress, better sleep and more attentive behaviour amongst other things. The simple act of journaling is itself an exercise in mindfulness and the journal further encourages and empowers expectant Mamas to approach labour and birth less fearful.

Research has shown that through journaling we can increase a sense of happiness as well as a range of physical, phsychological and social benefits, including stronger immune systems, higher levels of positive emotions and being more helpful, generous and compassionate.

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