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So, most pregnancy stories start with that feeling of ‘awww Let’s have a baby, it’s time! right? at some point in our life’s we get that call, that motherhood call. 

Here is where the story has two roads, one for those who are fortunate enough to conceive a little baby in less than 6 months, and in some cases just two months of trying. And the second road is more of a bumpy road for those who have more of an enduring journey; however despite this road being somewhat more challenging, it does not mean you will not be blessed with a little angel, it does not mean that there is anything wrong with you, and when I say wrong, I stress health issues. 


Many women, and we will be mentioning a few wonderful and inspiring stories of  ladies who have been blessed with a little baby, and despite their poor chances of becoming pregnant naturally, or even becoming a mum, they are now expecting or already have their bundle of joy with them. 




Our mind is vulnerable yet very powerful; it doesn’t need to speak out loud to be heard, but it does need you to be open so it can be heard. 

Simple, right? 

How does it work, how can you listen to your body and mind? 
Our mind is susceptible to all sorts of information that you capture namely through what you see or hear, and if this noise is not filtered, your mind is most probably preparing your body for whatever your conditioning it to. For example, if you see pregnant ladies when you go out, babies, nurseries, etc. and if this is triggering in you stress, sadness, or worry; Perhaps you’re body has been conditioning it to not to get pregnant because you have subconsciously been giving the wrong message to your body. ‘I am stressed’ ‘I am not getting pregnant’ ‘this seems impossible’ ‘I am not fertile’ ‘I’m constantly sad because I am not pregnant’ ‘I won’t get pregnant naturally’ ‘I need help’ etc. 


Important: seeking help is always the best option, but make sure you find the right one to guide you and help you through this beautiful journey, because it should be beautiful. 



Many women after a year or two of trying, just endure with the fact that they are dealing with infertility, which is what doctors and researcher say. However, you are not taught how to nourish your mind and body through positivity and develop a gratitude attitude. For example: Try (it’s not easy in most cases because frustration kicks in) but try not to pressure your body to get pregnant, just be grateful and thankful for your health, be grateful for the possibility of becoming a Mum. 

 Inspiring stories 

Ana Amaral’s TTC journey and dealing with endometriosis.


Kenza Zouiten Against the odds of having a baby - TTC journey and dealing with low overlain reserve.

Sarah’s Day journey of becoming Mum naturally despite being told it would be impossible and dealing with PCOS


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This blog post share the story of three inspiring women and their journey of getting pregnant naturally. The intention of this post is to highlight the power of a women's body and that getting pregnant naturally is indeed possible.

Important: This article is for informational purpose only, and is not meant to offer medical advice. Always refer to your Doctor for medical guidance.

Remember that the way you think has a deep effect on your mind and body health!



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