What are symptoms and emotion?

Why is it so important to track your symptoms and emotions before and during pregnancy?

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Symptoms unlike signs can only be recognised by the person experiencing it. For example: fatigue, headache, pain, etc. Signs on the other hand are noticeable, such as redness on a particular part of your body, a cut, etc. 
 Symptoms  Signs

Recognised by you

Recognised by the Doctor

If you and the Doctor can identify what you are experience, this is considered both a symptom and a sign.
Tracking and documenting your daily symptoms is tremendously helpful for you and your doctor in order identify if there is something unusual going on.  
Before pregnancy you need to record all your symptoms, as most of these are experienced by you, and your Doctor will not be able to identify what are most of your menstrual cycle changes are unless you convey them to him/her.
Some symptoms: 
- Change in your cervical mucus throughout your menstrual cycle
- Change in cervix
- Abdominal pain 
-Period cramps and intensity
-Ovulation pain
- Breast tenderness/soreness 
- Acne
- Hair loss
- Period length 
Knowing yourself and increasing self-awareness is listening to yourself mindfully as this is how your body communicates with you. 
Once you become pregnant new symptoms will arise and not just during your first trimester but throughout your pregnancy, and keeping track of these will once again be a tremendous help for you and your Doctor in order to know if something need a closer look. Don't miss anything!
everyday is different and your baby is going through enormous growth and development spikes every single day. 
Now, let talk about emotions. Yes! that one day happy and then the other day not so happy.
During pregnancy, and even before becoming pregnant and if you're trying to conceive, it is very important to feel  happy and balanced in order to better cope with stress and anxiety, as these two state are zero beneficial. 
We all expiring feelings, whether they are good or bad, however, the main part is to understand that the way we think is reflects on our feelings, emotions, and ultimately on our well being. Hence why it is so important to learn to focus on the positive as these feelings are the ones that will allow you to enjoy a healthy life; on the contrary to negative feelings and emotions, that will only bring to you sadness, headaches, stress, anxiety, etc. and even cause illnesses. 
Learning to show your feelings in ways that are helpful to you rather than hurtful are crucial to avoid negative effects. 
Practicing daily journaling is one of the most recommended and used methods to increase your self awareness and pay close attentions to your feelings and symptoms, which is how your mind and body communicates with you. 

Thank you so much for reading and we hope you found this article helpful.
This blog post features two pregnancy journals: 'Already a Blossoming Journey' If you are already pregnant  and 'Planning a Blossoming Journey' if you are on your trying to conceive journey.

Important: This article is for informational purpose only, and is not meant to offer medical advice. Always refer to you Doctor for medical guidance. 

Remember that the way you think has a deep effect on your mind and body!