Why practice journaling before and during pregnancy?

Trying to conceive is certainly a journey of ups and downs.

For some it is short and easy win and for others a long enduring journey. However, regardless of how your journey may turn out, never underestimate  the power of your mind and how your thoughts affect your body and its functionality.



It has been proven that journaling helps you to:

Develop positive habits,

clarify your ideas and feeling,

recognise your daily changes,

reduce stress, and anxiety significantly, &

increase your gratitude.



There are many ways and reasons why people like to practice journaling, and some of those reason are because it is an inexpensive way to record your feelings, emotions, and symptoms, and it is highly effective for stress relief and document your life. Indeed a great way to save every bit if this beautiful journey!

Journaling is a great practice for overall stress relief as well as self awareness and mindfulness. Hence why it is ideal to practice before and during pregnancy. 



Trying to conceive and pregnancy itself are journeys where women have to go through may emotional and physical changes, and some women may find it hard to cope with. Journaling can help you track every day and reflect what is affecting you the most. 

Writing about what your mind and body is conveying to you may seem strange at the beginning, and you might even find yourself with nothing to write about. But, don’t give up, it will become easier within just a few days, all you have to do is spare some time (2-5 minutes) in your mornings and evenings to document your symptoms, feeling and emotions.


Journaling for Conception and pregnancy specifically. 


First and foremost, remember that the way you think has a deep effect on how your body works; negative thoughts can affect your immune and reproductive system.

Stress can cause many negative effects, and most of them can affect your hormone levels and reduce blood flow in your reproductive system. Why? Because stress is like an alarm alerting your body that your current condition is not suitable for reproduction, therefore disabling every part that plays a key role in your conception journey. 



How to reduce your stress levels?

Journal and acknowledge the simple, kind, nice, and blissful moments of your day. TIP: See yourself as a little kid, kids fulfil themselves with these gestures, also, get some time off social media and internet.

Your symptoms and emotions is how your body communicates to you; document every day mindfully, and you will see how your body reacts and works. Therefore, leaving you in advantage as you will have loads of information which will help you to reflect, change or improve your habits. 

Lastly, try your best to journal every day, specially if you are trying to conceive or pregnant, you will collect pivotal information, but most importantly save a unique and wonderful journey of making a little bubba!

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Important: Always refer to your specialist for professional guidance!