Frequently Asked Questions

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Does a processing time apply to delivery time? 

Yes, our warehouse quotes a 1-2 business day processing time that is applicable to all available shipping options at checkout. This means that if you select FedEx Overnight shipping, you can expect to receive your delivery in 2-3 business days.

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, we deliver worldwide! Please note that delivery timeframes quoted do not include any delays experienced with customs clearance at the border or local carriers.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes, we are pleased to offer a return policy on orders within 30 days of purchase. We find that we have remarkably low return rates and we are proud of our products. However, we understand that there may be a case in which you need to return your order and we are more than happy to accommodate returns.

Please contact us at hello@pregnancyclock.com to initiate your return. 

Do I have to pay for the return shipping costs? 

Yes, all customers are responsible for their own return shipping costs.

When will I receive my refund?

Once we receive your return tracking information, we will go ahead and issue your full refund back to your original method of payment. Please allow up to 7 business days for your credit to reflect on your statement.


What is Planning a Blossoming Journey ?

Planning a Blossoming Journey is a journal designed and focused for women who are about to get off their birth control pills, or any other contraceptive method and start looking to become pregnant soon.

How can Planning a Blossoming Journey help me throughout the journey of becoming pregnant?

Planning a Blossoming Journey journal has many features to help you identify and recognise your mind and body changes. Our body is an incredible machine, however it is ruled by hormones and these hormones can be affected by many mental states, like stress. So, let's learn to recognise these state and minimise their affection to our body. 

Does Planning a Blossoming Journey include Menstrual cycle tables?

Yes, It is crucial to closely monitor our menstrual cycle during the journey of trying to conceive. 

What exactly will I find in Planning a Blossoming Journey?

Planning a Blossoming Journey includes a six (6) month menstrual cycle period for you to record all your mind and body changing during the journey of trying to conceive; also,  in every month you will have a special space to record you pregnancy test results and strange symptoms that might have appeared. 

After confirming you pregnancy, you will continue to the pregnancy section which includes many informative notes, daily -nightly space to track changes, and most importantly monitor your little one that's on its way!


What is Already a Blossoming Journey? 

Already a Blossoming Journey is a journal designed and focused for women who are already on the sweet and blossoming journey of becoming a Mum, and wish to learn, recognise, and save every single detail of this unique journey that is called Pregnancy.  

What exactly will I find in Already a Blossoming Journey?

Already a Blossoming Journey includes a forty (40) week space to track your pregnancy changes, including your physical changes and the baby's development, in addition, it also includes spaces for Gender reveal, names you're liking, birth list, and many more specific spaces. 

It also includes sections which include daily, weekly, and monthly  informative notes about your baby's growth and development; daily-nightly space to track changes, and most importantly monitor your little one that's on its way!


Do you have a Privacy Policy

Yes, you can find it by clicking here.

If I forgot to use the discount code at checkout, can it be applied afterwards?

No, discount codes are only applicable at checkout.