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that Pregnancy it’s not just a stage, it’s a journey where women have the opportunity to discover how their body works, and its miraculous power to conceive, develop, grow, and nourish a little Human Being! 








As Allison was awaiting for her period to arrive, a feeling had awaken that 5 days of delay in her period wasn’t normal, as her periods would religiously arrive at the end of her 27th day of cycle, therefore encouraging her to take a pregnancy test. 

Prior to taking the pregnancy test she genuinely felt prepared for anything. However, to her surprise she stumbled after finding out the result was POSITIVE. Amongst all the emotions and feeling she was just grateful, and nervous. 

After finding out she was pregnant she still wanted to re-take a test to confirm the results, without sharing the results with her husband, she told her husband to buy and bring home a pregnancy test on his way home. As soon as he arrived he impatiently asked Allison if he could do the test himself (excited), five minutes after, with a nervous voice note he said POSITIVE. Both Allison and her husband Gustavo were just in shock, not knowing exactly what feeling was predominating their minds and bodies at that time. 

Nonetheless, Allison and Gustavo wanted to confirm the pregnancy test result with a blood test; which was indeed confirmed. However, the doctor recommended Allison to take an ultrasound, despite the early stage of her pregnancy (5 weeks). 

Five days later Allison attended the ultrasound appointment by herself, and as the procedure was being performed an anomaly was found, a mass of 8cmx6cm was discovered in her left side of the uterus. 

After taking several tests and seeing several doctors, all opinions and suspicions were confirmed, Allison suffered from Endometriosis. All doctors had agreed on one thing, that the mass had begun developing and growing at least five years ago, hence it's big size. 

Amongst all the given options, the best for both Allison and the baby was to perform a surgery called Laparoscopy in order to remove the mass which could potentially affect the development and growth of the baby and possibly cause a miscarriage further along the pregnancy. However, after surgery a check-up with the Doctor revealed that the Embryo was no longer attached to the womb. 

It was indeed a long and voided recovery for the couple, yet inspired them to create Pregnancy Clock. 

After a thorough research for good quality and long lasting Journal, with not only daily space to collect valuable information, but also where the journey of conception, pregnancy, and up to giving birth could be saved. Allison and Gustavo had failed to find a journal with these characteristics  to accompany them all the way through preparing themselves mentally and physically to all the way to giving birth to their first child. With no further doubt they decided to fill the gap.

This is how Allison and Gustavo developed "A Blossoming Journey" Journals -   Planning & Already!

Pregnancy Clock Journals are made with long lasting, high quality materials which are durable, minimalistic and beautiful. Most importantly 'Planning' and 'Already' A Blossoming Journey journals will accompany and help you collect valuable data from the very beginning of your journey, which means you will not miss out on any detail of this very tiny yet biggest responsibility you are about to embark upon as a parent! 



Allison Carpenter  

Co-Founder & Creative Director  




Gustavo Rodriguez              

Co-Founder & Operational Director